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The Policy of booking an Escort

The Policy of booking an Escort

When there is trust to be established people have to first honour each other, which leads to synergy and respect. Both of the people involved should make choices and decisions based on whats is best and what is right.

1. Honourable clients 

The client that knows how to treat a lady is the one that will experience a great time with his escort. Here at Buckinghamshire Escorts, we pay make sure that we screen our clients and get honourable clients for Escorts.

2. Respect

Our escorts are well refined ladies that are well spoken and respectful, so its only in their right that they get respectful clients. It’s important for a client to treat the lady they are seeing with the same respect that they treated with.

3. Discretion

Just as your personal coordinates will be handled with utmost discretion, so should our Escorts’ privacy be upheld. Kindly refrain from asking to receive unblurred photos as our Escorts also have private lives. Doing so would immediately discontinue any interaction.

4. Handling donations

When handling donations, silently place your donation in an unsealed envelope on a table or countertop within the first five minutes of your engagement.

5. Extending your time

  Please do not ask to extend your time by any measure or for a reduction in consideration – to turn off the clock or to request additional, complimentary time with your Escort. Such behavior will discourage your escort from meeting with you.

6.Cancellation policy

Just as your time is valuable, so is that of your Escort. Please be mindful of her time and know that should you cancel within 24 hours of your engagement that a 50% cancellation fee of your date will apply. Cancelling less than 12 hours will incur a 100% cancellation fee of your initial date and result in a required deposit to book in the future.

7. Hygiene

Make sure to always arrive freshly showered with minty breath and clean attire. Refrain from smoking to ensure that neither your breath or clothing wreak of smoke. Our Escorts practice immaculate hygiene and expect the same from their gentlemen friends.

8. Photography

photos and video are prohibited. Our Escorts reserve the right to abruptly cancel your engagement should you desire to photograph or film. We hope that the above guidelines help to clarify some of the expectations between clients and escorts interactions. Contact Escorts Buckinghamshire for the best escorts agency in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. At Buckinghamshire Escorts  we have a variety of escorts and escorts services; our girls come form different back grounds and nationalities. At Escorts Buckinghamshire we have voluptuous busty escorts, naughty blonde escorts, seductive brunette escorts, lively european escorts, sexy latin escorts, gorgeous black escorts, alluring english escorts and adventurous anal escorts to name a few. We have an escort to suit every taste and mood! Get in touch with Escorts in Buckinghamshire by contacting our Escorts Agency Buckinghamshire Escorts. Call +442030961213 or +442030961214 now to book or join our escort agency. Our escort agency provides the best adult services in town!