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Pamper your Vagina!

Pamper your Vagina!

You know what they say,” a happy vagina makes the world go round”. No one actually says that but they should. With a bust schedule you might not even have the time for your regular beauty treatments but its very important to make some time for your vagina and pamper it as often as you are able to. We guarantee that you will feel like a whole new woman after you have followed the tips we are about to bless you with!

1. Vaginal Steam-Spa

Vaginal steams are one of my favourite things to do. You might be thinking, what is that??? It’s a facial for your pussy! It’s a health and relaxing way to keep your vagina fresh and the show going. There are some spas that offer these treatments although there aren’t many in England, however you can do this treatment at home by yourself. Search the internet on instructions on how to have a vaginal steam at home. Please be careful and don’t burn your lady parts. How does it work? The tissues of the vagina are very porous and absorbent so, when the steam from the boiled water mixed up with herbs and essential oils goes into your vagina, it softens and opens them up. The steam that contains medicinal herbs increases circulation and cleanses the reproductive system, allowing your uterus to function at its best!

2. Do Yoga or Stretching to Keep Your Vagina Happy

All stretching poses that stretches your pelvic or abdominal muscles are great.  Try out the arching cat, the child’s pose the goddess pose or the garland and you’ll see how your muscles become more and more relaxed.

3. Massage Your Abdominal and Pelvis

Did you know that the lower abdomen and pelvis muscles also get tired and sore like the rest of the muscles on our body? That’s why it’s important that from time to time to treat yourself with some light massage in this area. It is a massage that hasn’t got anything in common with sex or the carnal desires, it is designed only to relax your pelvic and lower abdomen muscles and to release pain…especially around menstruation. Did you know that there are a lot of muscles in the belly area and around the vulva that get really tired and sore especially during stressful times like a sex marathon? So get some coconut oil and start messaging or abdominal and pelvis.

4. Colour Your Labia

Did you know that there is such a thing as a temporary treatment to restore the pink youthful colour of your flower? There are even different hues available in order to match your original youthful look. A healthy vagina is essential in your line of work so do not ignore the signs that your body is giving you and take a couple of days to relax and enjoy some body treatments, when you feel exhausted. If you are a woman who is interested in working as an escort please contact us at Buckinghamshire Escorts and apply via our employment form or call us on : +442030961214 or +442030961213 . If you are a gentleman looking for an escort service after a long day why not end the night with one of our sexy Buckinghamshire escorts? If you were looking to find an escort agency in Buckinghamshire you have found the best one in the business. Book one of our escorts in Buckinghamshire and be prepared for the time of your life! Escorts Buckinghamshire Agency have a great variety of escorts depending on taste and occasion, from glamorous, hot and sexy, busty or petite to name a few.  With different nationalities, ethnicities, shapes and sizes, we are bound to have the perfect escort to suit your mood! Book a Buckinghamshire Escort now by calling us now on:  +442030961213  or  +442030961214 A whole new world of pleasure will open up when you meet one of gorgeous Buckinghamshire escorts. The secret of this excellent entertainment for men, of course, lies in the selection of your Escort in Buckinghamshire, and rest assured, we have the finest girls in town. Use your imagination and think of how you would like to spend the next few hours with one our beautiful Buckinghamshire Escorts by your side. Find the time as soon as possible and make a booking with the hottest Escorts in Buckinghamshire. We offer the best local services in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. Our adult services are second to none, when looking for an local escorts contact Escorts Buckinghamshire for an unforgettable experience with one of our girls. Our girls are available 7 days a week for out calls. We also offer GFE for girls available in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. We accept credit cards payments! Go on book one of our girls for an amazing time and ask for a sensual massage whiles you are at it.[WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="5" PAGINATE="1" PERPAGE="5" SHOWFORM="1" HIDEREVIEWS="0" HIDERESPONSE="0" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" ]