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Myths Surrounding Sexuality

Myths Surrounding Sexuality and the reality of it

Sexuality: Myth 1:  Women don't want sex. This one is incredibly common. It has a lot of variations, such as: women don't enjoy sex, women have no sex drive, women only trade sex to get a guy or to get him to commit to them. Or the worse one, women only trade sex to get status, money, or gifts etc.  Well, these assumptions are simply not true. This doesn't mean that there   aren't some cases where it is true but in the vast majority of cases it’s just  false information. These myths are usually created by men who don’t  know how to get a women to enjoy having sex with them.  But the facts are that women love sex and they want to have it. But they need to be comfortable with the man and trust him. They also need to feel respected to feel comfortable.  The preconceived notion that women don’t enjoy sex and that they participate out of obligation couldn't be further from the truth. Women are actually more sexual than men. Myth 2: Some Women Just Can't Have Orgasms during intercourse  Sexuality: According to statistics, only 30% of women have vaginal orgasms in intercourse. Many women fake orgasms just so their man will stop, or so as not to bruise his ego. The woman knows it's not going to happen, so she wants it to end so she can go to sleep. Those women believe that they are just not "one of the lucky ones" who can have vaginal orgasms, as if they were dealt a bad hand. You may have used it as an excuse when you weren't able to give your last girlfriend an orgasm during intercourse. Some people may even have you believe that it is an anatomical deficiency. Some sexologists state that some women are not born with as much "clitoral erectile tissue" within the front wall of the vagina and that women should not set expectations for themselves which would lead to disappointment.  Actually, that sets women up for a self-limiting belief. It is just another lie that keeps people from enjoying the full potential of their sexuality. The truth is that there is no such thing as some women being pre-ordained to have vaginal orgasms, and some not. All women were born with a vagina and a brain therefore every woman is equipped to have vaginal orgasms. The reasons why some women are not having vaginal orgasms are not anatomical. They are invented reasons, such as chemical, emotional, or self-consciousness. Among the chemical issues are prescription drugs, the most popular being anti-depressants. Among the emotional issues include sexual abuse trauma, abandonment issues, trust issues, low self-esteem causing insufficient sense of deservedness for pleasure, inability to lose control to the pleasure in her body, etc, etc.  As for self-consciousness, the most popular by far is the self-consciousness caused when they feel they are going to pee, which causes them to back down and thus miss out. An alternative to this lie is: "Women Can Only Have Clitoral Orgasms" This lie has been perpetuated by clitoral dependency. Most women have always used her clitoris to have an orgasm and have never made any attempt on her own to experiment with vaginal stimulation. And usually, she is with a man who doesn't have a clue. So nobody makes the effort to awaken her vagina. Another alternative to this lie is: "Vaginal Orgasms Are Actually Just Clitoral Orgasms” Some sexologists will have you believe that intercourse causes stimulation of the wings of the clitoris causing indirect stimulation of the glans of the clitoris. Then how would they explain anal orgasms, or even nipple orgasms? And sexologists go on to say that the vagina does not have sensitive nerve endings. In actuality, the vagina has many highly responsive sensitive areas. With just your middle finger, you can give a woman her very first vaginal orgasm. It all has to do with knowledge and beliefs. Get the correct knowledge and take on enabling beliefs, and you will give your woman vaginal orgasms during intercourse every time.   Myth 3: Nice Girls Don't Do That. Now how many times have you thought that yourself? Here are some variations on that.  Nice girls won't do the kinky stuff; they just want to make love. They don't want to have really wild throw down, rip up the sheets, sex. Nice girls are offended by dirty talk. This is one of the biggest things that keep guys from giving women what they want. In actuality, women love dirty talk! What if she's from a very religious family? Once when Mark Cunningham was asked about religious women, he said "Preachers daughters are the wildest, second only to the preacher's wives.” Inside the context of a very religious relationship, it is perfectly acceptable to be completely wild with your partner in the bedroom. Another variation: "Nice girls won't get slutty in the bedroom". The fact is they absolutely love to. Now here's the thing, the women won't do the kinky stuff unless you're man enough to lead them. In the real world, nice girls love wild sex as much as or even more so than the bad girls. Women want to get slutty but she does not want to be a slut or be labeled a slut. So if you want this to happen, you are going to have to lead her, because she cannot initiate, because that would define her as a slut. She can only be wild with a man who leads her to be that way. And only inside the context of a relationship behind closed doors where the rest of the world would never know anything about it. Most men have believe these myths because of lack of experience or being afraid to explore and learn about a woman’s sexuality. At Escorts Buckinghamshire our escorts are more than happy to help their clients experiment and learn more about the female sexuality. 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