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How to Use Lube During Sex?

How to Use Lube During Sex?

There are a lot of gentlemen out there that never used lube in their entire life. Lube has the reputation of being for older people that is horrifying because every sexual encounter can be improved by using it and give you the room to get more creative with sex. Lube even make sex feel more comfortable and pleasurable for both that involved. Lubricant classified into four categories; water, petroleum, oil, and silicone. Silicone is high for pool or shower sex because it’s slicker for longer. But some silicone-based can break the condoms. Water-based is the safest option ad easier to clean up and wash off. Here we breakdown for you some things that may need included  in your sex activities:

Using Lube during cunnilingus

Held a cunnilingus session with a sandpaper tongue, will be an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. Add a bit of unflavoured lube to the receiver’s vulva, because the flavored one could cause irritation, and everyone will be happier.

For handjob or fingering

Involved it at your hand-job or fingering session will make a handjob giver like a handy expert. Lubing up the penis and the hand will ensure that any movement feels more heavenly and give you room to explore new techniques.

Warming massage

But never use it without telling your partner. Need advice? Use some dollops on the nipples for nipple stimulation that would heat things.

Use it on the perineum

This is an advice for the ladies; use the lube on his perineum (the extra sensitive spot between scrotum and anus) and tap it lightly just before his orgasm, and you will change the whole game.

During vaginal penetration

There is a lot of ways to use lube during the intercourse session. You can apply it to the body, to the penis, or condom.

Put inside the condom

For the gentlemen out there, maybe you need to know this; adding a little lube will raise the sensitivity you feel inside the condoms, so you don’t need to whining condom that ruins your sex life.

During blowjob session

Some lube provides enough wetness to a proper blowjob session. Apply little of it for the more fluid sensation on your blowjob session.

Use it for masturbation

Your masturbate session will improve if you involve the lube. If you have dry hands, apply a little water-based to your hands or fingers before touching yourself for a smooth and warm feel.

Use it for masturbation with your vibrator

For a more fluid sensation, you can apply a little lube before you gently rub over the clitoris. Just be careful to choose the type of lube, don’t use the silicone-based for your silicone vibrator, use water-based  instead. And now you armed with another new knowledge and ready for a more fluid sex sensation. Contact us now on +442030961213 or +442030961214 for the best selections of international models at Buckinghamshire Escorts. We guarantee you the best experience of pleasures fulfilling from our gorgeous girls that you would never forget.[WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="5" PAGINATE="1" PERPAGE="5" SHOWFORM="1" HIDEREVIEWS="0" HIDERESPONSE="0" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" ]