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Hot Couch Sex Positions with Amersham Escorts

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  Hot Couch Sex Positions with Amersham Escorts:¬†You and your bae sit on the couch watching Netflix. It feels like the whole day went by when Netflix finally asks if you were "still watching." Things take a turn to kinky talk, things get heated as you are spending more time together on the ouch and you start to feel horny. Of course, you can have sex and walk to your bedroom. But you can draw some pretty impressive positions right on your couch, so why bother? It is comfortable, has a different level, and is strong enough to be held when you need it.

Wheel barrel

The giver usually sits on the couch, and the recipient sits on his penis or the object facing him. The receiver then moves forward, puts his hand on the floor and arches his back. You can add toys to the mix (such as beet plugs, vibrators, or dildos) or a little faster.

Buried pleasures

This dog-style adaptation is a comfortable push position for the adapter and suitable for the receiver. The recipient knelt before the sofa, placed his hands on his back, and placed his chest on the pillow, while the giver knelt behind him. For deep penetration, the recipient can kneel on the couch up to one knee. The sofa also allows recipients to use their nipples or their own hands to please the monopoly.


For lonely love, place a dildo or eagle vibrator between your sofa cushions so you can stand on your own, then bring your couch to ride. Make sure to put the towel first.

Smooth landing

This is a good position for pregnant women because it can help a lot. Lift the pile sofa cushions on one side of the sofa, then rotate the receiver so that his stomach is on the pillow. Then, the giver enters from behind while putting his hand under the recipient. Even if you are not pregnant, this is a great way to make a surface.

Ball player

The giver sits on the sofa and leans for support, and the recipient sits with his partner on his back. The person above can stretch their legs and reach the legs to please their partner - for example, gently stroking their testicles.


The giver sits on the couch, and the recipient sits upstairs facing them. Then, the receiver uses the back of the couch to support his legs in the form of a "V" on both sides of the partner's body to get deep penetration and give a very sexy look. To get a more effective pose, the recipient can cross his legs in the middle of the giver, creating intense pressure.

Edge of orgasm

This is a straight sexual position that uses the back of the sofa. To do this, the recipient stands with his back attached to the apple, and his arms are placed on top of the apple. To increase clitoral stimulation, recipients can wrap their feet around the donor's body as they rub their pelvis.

Combo plate

This sexy and sexual position is better when you are tired because it requires a little more movement. To do this, go down, lie down, and give your partner a spoon, then use your favorite sex toys for mutual fun.

Cushion pushin'

This is a sitting position. Grab a few pillows and place them under the giver's chair to support your back and bring it closer to the recipient. Once, the receiver can take the receiver's neck or the end of the coach to get the most out of it. Call us here at Amersham on +442030961213 or +442030961214 to trying all those hot positions on the couch with one or two of our gorgeous ladies in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.[WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="5" PAGINATE="1" PERPAGE="5" SHOWFORM="1" HIDEREVIEWS="0" HIDERESPONSE="0" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" ]