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We at Buckinghamshire Escorts thinks Every zodiac sign has its own traits, likes, and dislikes that make it distinct from others. And this applies to one’s sex life as well. Each sign has at least one sex position that fits their unique personality and brings out the best in them. Buckinghamshire Escorts Agency has collected Great Suggestion Sex Positions Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Pisces tend to be highly empathetic and artistic. They're also major fans of escapism, which they might find they can enjoy through their creative impulses, whether that's poetry, theater. Sex ideally in the context of a heartfelt bond that's deeply romantic and feels right intuitively. Playing in the shallow end just won't do for the emotionally complex fish. A super-intimate position that allows them to get carried away.


Zodiac sign ruled by the blazing sun that serves as the center of our solar system, fire sign Leos are confident, passionate, and driven lovers of the spotlight. This self-assuredness absolutely shows up in the bedroom, where Leos often enjoy exhibitionism, giving and receiving generous compliments and words of affirmation, luxurious, romantic details, role-playing, and any opportunity to show off for their partner.


Industrious, pragmatic, diligent, and super-focused on professional achievement, earth sign Capricorns take their energetic cues from their ruling planet, Saturn, which oversees rules and regulations, challenge, and structure. This translates to their bedroom style, which is guided by the principle that anything worthwhile requires hard work, perseverance, and discipline. It's no surprise they bring their ambitious, even dominant vibes into their intimate connections and sexual experiences, experimenting with boundaries, power, and control.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information-gathering and communication. But, unlike the sign of the twins, earth sign Virgo is detail-oriented, grounded, analytical, and often quite sensitive. Thoughtful and serviceable, they want to please their partner as much as they enjoy being pleased. Cue lots of steamy conversations about one another's tastes, fetishes, and fantasies. Virgos might also steer toward being more submissive with their sex partner, who they would appreciate dominating them in an attentive, romantic way.


In being a passionate lover, Scorpio, it's important to you that you lock eyes with the person whom you're having sex. But, in also not being run-of-the-mill, missionary isn't enough for you. That's why this position is what will make you the happiest. While laying on a flat surface, roll your hips back, so your legs are almost behind you and your partner can penetrate you from there.


Ruled by romantic Venus, which oversees beauty, love, art, and relationships. Earth sign Taurus is innately sensual in the bedroom, preferring sex to be languorous, taking all the time in the world on foreplay, comfortable, and ideally, fuelling a palpable connection. Lie facing your partner, intertwining your legs. Whoever is being penetrated places their leg on top and around their partner. In this position, you can caress one another's necks, backs, booties, and kiss pleasure-boosting moves that are often beloved by a cuddle-loving Taurus.


Up for anything Aquarians are always ready for a challenge. Try a position from the Kama Sutrathat may require some flexibility and balance. Wheelbarrow, where the man holds up the woman’s leg as he enters her, is what we’re talking about. It may not be easy but you’ll get a lot of laughs, which will bring you both closer. Committing to a carnal challenge is exactly what can drive an achievement-oriented Aquarius in the bedroom. Well, those are Great Suggestion Sex Positions Based On Your Zodiac Sign according to Buckinghamshire Escorts Agency. We know that you want to try those tips soon and then getting it on with Buckinghamshire Escorts’ beloved girls. We suggest you to book the ladies ASAP. You can call us at +442039885298 or +442039885299 to book yourself the sexiest and loveliest lady in the area.[WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="5" PAGINATE="1" PERPAGE="5" SHOWFORM="1" HIDEREVIEWS="0" HIDERESPONSE="0" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" ]