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Julie is an insatiable beauty, here to fulfil your deepest desire. This stunning bombshell is one of our most sought after escorts. Her looks is a big factor in this but she really impresses those she gets to spend time with her personality. Julie is a one of a kind escort while seeing her body might make your jaw drop, her hair is the mesmerising wow factor. She knows how to style it to perfection which helps enhance the assets that she has and really brings out the beauty in her face. Just because she see's it as her most important factor she still enjoys getting it messy for the right reasons. Her beautiful luscious lips are ready to whisper sweet things into your ear and entice you into a wonderful evening.

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Julie is the complete package in every sense of the word!  She has just started with us and is building up quiet a reputation. Before she becomes too popular and is booked out for months call us to have a taste of Julie! Julie is a sexy girl who is fantastic in every way imaginable. She is very adventurous and very out going. This combination is perfect as she will always be down to try things with you which im sure you will only benefit from. Her body comes as a complete bonus that she has such a great, thick toned, body which is compliment with her angelic face which just makes the whole experience of being with her even better. You’ll be pleased to know that given the correct time she can come perfectly equipt with a bag of fun items to be used to increase the amount of pleasure available. This can include has a awesome array of sexy lingerie. Some revealing outfits that don’t leave much room for imagination but still your mind will wonder as you play all the images of what you want to do to her in your head before you get the opportunity. She could also bring toys to help enhance your sensations or maybe you want to see her play with them herself when you are in Buckinghamshire Julie is a great to talk to and you will find she has a great ability to make you feel perfectly relaxed and raring to go. This will allow you to take your own performance to the next level as you are feeling at ease. Being with julie is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. You will get exactly what you want as you deserve it. You could treat yourself with this treat of a women willing to please you in all ways imaginable. Our attractive women that we have to offer you while in Buckinghamshire , is the most amazing person you could spend time with as she will be your best companion in more ways than 1. We recommend her for one of the best experiences that you will ever have. We know you are going to have the time of your life in Buckinghamshire no matter if you are in 1 of the local restaurants or hotels and you will understand why we speak so highly of her and you will become an strong supporter of who she is. Julie is available most days off the week. However we advise that you call us at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.   If you are ready to meet our beautiful Julie you can arrange it by calling us on: +442030961213  or+442030961214 Lucky for you Julie is available most evenings and is eager to meet new clients!  

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