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Emma: Hey, I'm Emma and I am a Mediterranean goddess form Italy. Being lassy and elegant comes second nature to me as itallians are known for being well dressed and well mannered. I was raised with good morals so I also look after myself and present myself the best I possibly can. I am 23 years old and have made Buckinghamshire my home. I love the area as there is multiple places we can go depending on what keeps you entertained.

Dress size10


If you want to take a stroll and talk or sit down for a nice meal i can always suggest a few places. I have been working as an escort for 2 years now and love what I do, and I do it to the best of my ability. My cleavage is very generous and bulges at a size 34C. I’m sure you have been staring at these now imagine how they will feel in the palm of your hands. I am a curvy size 10 and have been blessed with such a sexy body that most girls dream to have, and most men have dreams about! Don’t let my confidence be off putting as I want to have just as much fun as you, I know i am attractive and I can’t wait to let you do all the things you’ve wanted to do to a girl like me. My height is small, and I am 5’4 but this is always very fun and enjoyable in the bedroom especially if you like to dominate (which I love). I have blonde hair and brown eyes and my makeup is always perfect and compliments my complexion. A woman like me is rare and extremely precious but unlike most precious things you don’t need to handle me with care. I am ready for whatever you have planned, and I will help enhance every moment the best I can. I know my body looks amazing in photos, but it is even more extraordinary in person and it also gives you the opportunity to actually do everything you are currently thinking. I can be a loud, outgoing girl who can’t wait to meet new people and share some amazing moments together. Everything is real about me and like I’ve mentioned I take great pride in myself, which is obvious from her fit and trim physique which will make it easier for us to create some perfect moments together. I enjoy flaunting my figure in tight-fitting dresses to show off the curves. I also have some slinky lingerie that I could model for you. This will allow you to get up close and personal and finally get a hold of me with minimal restrictions depending on how hot you want your evening to be, I may reveal what’s underneath that lingerie in a slow and teasing strip show that will leave your heart racing. I am more than ready to give you what you want., and I am confident I can give it so much better than you have ever had before. You could spend the night out on the town with me as your sexy tour guide, request me as a dinner companion for a night of elegance. I have a positive reputation for being sensual. Busty and overly friendly is 2 of the reasons you won’t be able to get enough of me and the fact I am outspoken. You’ll know exactly how I feel. You’re in for a fun-filled evening when you decide to book time with this splendid girl. I’m the party girl you have always wanted to spend time with.  

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