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Coco: I'm Coco and I am a British bombshell; I have gorgeous long black hair and sultry brown eyes. I am 5’7 in height and have a gorgeous toned size 8 figure. Looking at me my smooth dark skin is perfect in so many ways. I know from reading this you have already thought of things you would want to do with me and a girl like me isn’t usually this easily available. I get enjoyment from hearing all the naughty things you want to do, and the good thing about me hearing all the things you want to do is we can get straight to the action after, and I’ll know just what you want. I have been in Buckinghamshire for a while and have loved going to some of the bars in the area. Apart from enjoying my evening some off my some of my hobbies are going to the gym to get a good workout.

NationalityEnglish / African
Dress size10
HairDark Brown


I have a great taste for food and can class myself as a foody. When it comes to the best places to go, I can definitely suggest a few so I can be wine and dined. If you don’t mind, we can skip desert as I have something that will make your mouth water when we get back in our own private setting.  I really like the lifestyle of nice things, but I also want to have fun while I am at work. The best things about this scenario is I get to have fun enjoy myself and get to meet some great people. It offers me the lifestyle as well the fun aspect of the job. With a mind like mine I am in the perfect profession as what I get to do at work wouldn’t be tolerated in other places. I am naturally a sociable person. The conversations and binds you can create simply by being friendly is unrivalled. This makes me the perfect person to converse with as I am a good listener and would have a good input. Like most people I love a good drink and to sit down and have a conversation. The two go hand in hand as drinks help loosen things up and people can get more interesting when the drink starts up. I for certain know my wild side thrives when I am drinking, and it makes the night even more fun. drink can help relax any nerves you may have and is a good way to start the evening. I want to be a part of your life that you keep hidden. The dark little secret that we can both hold on to the memories of, no one would know apart from me and you. I want to fill it with moments that can’t be forgotten with actions that can’t be re lived. The frustration will be no one else will be able to give you this feeling but you will be able to contact me again so we can do more of what has you hooked.  I have raven hair, full kissable lips. I would describe myself as having a very friendly and warm nature, university educated, open minded, elegant and demure appearance and a wildly sexual appetite always at the ready. Caribbean girls are known for their good looks and fiery personality. This mixture will result in the best time possible while you are in Buckinghamshire. I know how to move my hips I know how to use my lips and not just in terms of speaking. They say good things comes to though who wait but I don’t agree as good things will only come of you contact me.

Services: Party Girl, Kissing, Couples, Two Guys