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Christina: Hi, I'm Christina and I am a 20-year-old blonde bombshell, I’ve been working and living in Buckinghamshire for a year now. I am a size 8 with 34B luscious breasts and a petite height of 5’4. I have beautiful long blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. I enjoy living life to its full potential and love going out for dinners and nights out. I have a sensual prowess and a readiness for all things naughty which is a mixture guaranteed to end in total satisfaction. My pure beauty with a splash of mischief means your night in Buckinghamshire will be action filled and unforgettable as we get up to all the things you have been dreaming of and replace those images in your head with a real-life scenario.

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Christina has the ability to be your centre of attentions as her striking Russian looks makes her highly addictive. She carries herself with a sophisticated look which makes her perfect for work events that could be held in a bar and her attentive personality makes her perfect for pleasing a man as there is nothing, she won’t do to ensure that this happens. Christina has been working as a Buckinghamshire escort and has been receiving the most amazing feedback. The number of repeat bookers shows just how good her skills are she really was. Let’s take a look at the obvious first which will be her body. She is the definition of beauty and is sure to outshine any other women she is in close proximity of. At 5’7 this leggy goddess can’t help but give of a sense of powerful beauty. Attractiveness explodes out of her and when you take into consideration her 34B pair of perfect breasts her flawless size 8 body Just gets more and more amazing. Facially, she is even more model like. If you search some of the top brand magazines it will be clear to see that not only would she look like she belongs, but she will blow away the majority of the competition. She has a unique version of the Russian looks, which makes her even more mysterious and will have you wanting to know more about her. with the most exotic brown eyes you have ever seen, voluptuous lips and high cheek bones her face isn’t just something to look and stare at these features especially her lips can be put to use that will benefit you beyond your wildest dreams. Of the perfect women existed we are sure it would look like our amazing Buckinghamshire girl. This charming woman is more then enticing to those she is with. Her warm personality really makes her easy to get on with. This helps build a connection and helps the situation flow even more effortlessly. She has that loving, caring and real girlfriend like personality. If required, she goes out of her way to ensure you are comfortable and enjoying every moment. This escort in Buckinghamshire is also a woman with a love for dominating and being in charge. This is where her soft side would get shifted to the side and she becomes the dominant figure within the bedroom.  She has various implements to aid your punishment or can simply give you commands telling you exactly what will be happening and when. Things can get spiced up with uniforms as this can enhance any fantasies you may have. You don’t become a popular Buckinghamshire escort if you don’t know how-to do things right. This girl has the looks and the skills to keep you entertained, to blow you away and to leave you wanting more. We can assure you that this beauty is more than just looks. Christina’s personality mixed with her eagerness to please it is something out of this world and one that should be tried out. We can assure you that your meeting together will be a memorable one and one that will not disappoint! If you are willing to have the time of your life it starts with you giving us a call. After that your life will change for the better.

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