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Best 10 Step to Best Masturbation for your Buckinghamshire Escort


01 Masturbate to get the best orgasm ever

Let’s be honest; there is no better way to explore your body than enjoying a little solo session every once in a while. Masturbation or the act of self-pleasure is one of the best ways to relax and release all the stress accumulated in the body. It not only helps in getting in ‘touch’ with your erogenous zones but is also a great way to spice up your sex life.

02 Solo session time

It does not matter whether you are venturing into the solo play session for the first time or are a regular player, it is never too late to learn tips and tricks which can blow your mind. We present you with a step-by-step breakdown on how to show yourself a little love and reach new erotic heights. You can thank us later.

03 Enter mode

First, it is essential to get comfortable and find a place where you can focus solely on ‘self-love.’ Whether it is the washroom or the comfort of your blanket, turn down the lights, and put on your favorite music. Choose from erotic videos or reads and make yourself comfortable.

04 Starts slowly

Men, instead of going for a quick ejaculation, take it slow for an enhanced experience. Instead of going the regular route, explore your body for a bit, and learn what excites you the most. Close your eyes, and pay attention to the various strokes and motions. Experiment with speed as it will let you know what works the best for you.

05 Change position

Guys, if you regularly masturbate by sitting down, we suggest switching things up. Try doing it while standing in the shower, sitting on a chair, kneeling, or even lying on your side. When you masturbate in the same position every day, it takes the fun away from the solo session.

06 Use your non-dominant hand

Pretty much an extension of changing things, switching your hands can heighten your pleasure and take it to the next level. When you jerk off with your non-dominant hand, it may feel like someone else gives you a handjob, which intensifies the feeling. It also gives you a free hand to browse through erotic ‘videos,’ allowing you to multitask.

07 Change the stroke

Instead of doing the regular up and down thrusting, find different ways of putting your hands to good use. Some of them are: 1.Three-finger grip 2.Twisting strokes 3. Touching the penis head while stroking

08 Hello Balls

Men, your balls are probably the most ignored aspect of your sexual escapades. Start playing down there, squeeze a little, or even pull them down a bit while you stroke yourself. Playing with your balls can open new doors of pleasure you were not aware of.

09 Multitasking to the go

Once you understand how you like playing with your balls, you can use both hands to get closer to a knee-jerking orgasm. Use your non-dominant hand to stroke your penis to erection and the other to cup your testicles gently.

10 Men, you also have a G-spot

Yes, you read that right. Taking things further, try and find your prostate and stimulate it slowly. Start by massaging your prostate by inserting a clean, lubed-up finger in your rectum. If you are not comfortable using your finger, start slow, and understand how it makes you feel. Once you begin enjoying the anal stimulation, it will undoubtedly take your orgasm game to the next level. Call us on +442039885298 or +442039885299 and have a great escort service from our gorgeous ladies in Buckinghamshire Escorts.[WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="5" PAGINATE="1" PERPAGE="5" SHOWFORM="1" HIDEREVIEWS="0" HIDERESPONSE="0" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" ]