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Best Restaurants In Buckinghamshire

Best Restaurants In Buckinghamshire

Best Of Bucks

Buckinghamshire, also known as Bucks is a county in South East England and it is in the border of Greater London and Berkshire to the south. Picturesque Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire's name originates from the Anglo-Saxon time, and it means 'the district of Bucca's home' and the county has been named since the 12th century. Buckinghamshire is known for its generous space of countryside and natural features such as the Chiltern Hills Area, Stowe Landscaped Gardens. The 19th century Country house, Mentmore Tower which was built by the Rothschilds and is located in the village of Mentmore. Mentmore Towers is known for its Jacobean-styled architecture. Mentmore Towers Buckinghamshire is the home of the famous Roald Dahl who lived in Gipsy House based in the village of Great Missenden. He was also known for including many local features and characters in his work. Buckinghamshire is also famous for the well-known intentional Silverstone Circuit which is often used for the F1 racing.

The Italian Dream

Di Paolo
This traditional owned Italian restaurant is situated in the centre of Gerrards Cross and it serves authentic, traditional home-made Italian food. Di Paolo Restaurant The restaurant has been running for 11 years and the owners have 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Paolo is the brains behind the menu and he uses most of the ingredients from his allotment which he grows with a lot of care to ensure they are cooked with the best ingredients possible. Meanwhile Maha is always being kept busy behind the scenes and takes running and organising events very seriously, as well as looking after front of house. Exquisite Italian food Di Paolo is a definite 'must visit' as it has been rated as one of the top restaurants in Buckinghamshire, with a menu that is sure to get your taste buds going. The menu contains a large selection so there is definitely something for even the pickiest of eaters whether you are having lunch, dinner or even a special date with you Buckinghamshire Escort . The drinks and wine menu also has a wide variety of choice.

Modern Meets Indian

Sindhu By Atul Kochhar
This outstanding fine dining hotel restaurant serves traditional Indian cuisine with sophisticated modern touches by Atul Kochhar who is a consultant and who comes in to cook and be one of the main chefs twice a week. The South Indian flavours are made and cooked with care and love. Sindhu by Atul Kochhar, Buckinghamshire At The Compleat Angler with breathtaking views across the Thames in Marlow, with large windows to ensure that the diners enjoy good food as well as a breath taking view. Sindhu shows off the love of traditional Indian cuisine whilst exploring modern British touches. Sindhu Restaurant - Marlow   The aim of dining at Sindhu is straight forward; first class, friendly staff and a menu packed with flavours, whilst providing many options for vegans and vegetarians. Last but not least the drinks which consist of wine and cocktails, and of course soft drink options.

Michelin Guide

The Michelin guide is for those that love to eat good food in fine dining restaurants with high ratings. It makes it easier to narrow down the best fine dining restaurants and will also let you know how many Michelin star(s) each individual restaurant has been awarded. Michelin Star Guide These restaurants are usually to be the best restaurants, in this case they will be the best restaurants in Buckinghamshire. Usually, most people who are food fanatics will use the Michelin guide to find a Michelin star restaurant to dine in or maybe those who are looking to impress on their date with a dazzling Bucks Escort girl. The guide will have taken into consideration food, experience, if it’s a hotel restaurant or not before it decided on what the best restaurants are, these are generally how the Michelin guide works and will rank the restaurant from the lowest to the highest rated Michelin star restaurant for an easy restaurant find and most importantly for an amazing experience.

'Pubs Are Life'

The Pilgrim Pub
The pilgrim pub is a great place to visit in Buckinghamshire. The exterior isn't modern as it is trying to pay homage to the history of Buckinghamshire. This pub does have a fantastic garden equips with some unique stand out plants that makes the scenery even more beautiful, but the pub has some amazing chefs who specialise in cooking the most mouth-watering food that is cooked to perfection. Like some of its other Buckinghamshire restaurants this often gets support from the Michelin guide urging people to support and try out their food. This is because of the quality of their food, and this was re-affirmed as their food was awarded with the Michelin label in 2021 which shows how well this pub is doing at trying to differentiate itself from other Buckinghamshire restaurants. Pilgrim Pub Their Michelin menu includes items such as slow braised beef ribs and cottage pie. Or their pan roasted duck leg. The only thing missing from this Michelin experience is a terrace but the garden and the environment more then makes up for it. The views on a summer’s afternoon are perfect and the presentation of the plates also adds to the overall fine dining experience and makes it one of the best restaurants in the area. The pub often hosts quiz nights which helps have some community fun to a dining experience. They also have an open mic session which allows people to express their talents however they wish. It's obviously the best and ultimate experience having one of Buckinghamshire Escorts with you to enjoy any of the above mentioned Best Restaurants in Buckinghamshire. The Pilgrim Pub[WPCR_SHOW POSTID="ALL" NUM="5" PAGINATE="1" PERPAGE="5" SHOWFORM="1" HIDEREVIEWS="0" HIDERESPONSE="0" SNIPPET="" MORE="" HIDECUSTOM="0" ]