The Importance of Oral Sex With Buckinghamshire Escorts

A New Study Proves That Oral Sex Is An Important Part Of Relationships

A new study reveals that over two thirds of both sexes will quit a relationship if there is not enough or good quality of oral sex going on in the bedroom.

Most Buckinghamshire escorts hold a PHD in fellatio, and you can’t expect anything less than perfection. They are also good at teaching and can show you how to guide your regular partner on doing good job down there. But Buckinghamshire escorts also can teach you how you can be more confident and to deliver great satisfaction to women by improving your oral skills.

But to be honest the results from the study doesn’t surprise us and Buckinghamshire escorts, as we are in the business of delivering these services to customers all over Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

Giving oral pleasure to your partner or receiving one will remain a sexy sign of intimacy between lovers.

It doesn’t really matter if people are in a long relationship or just playing around with a temporary lover, like the ones from Buckinghamshire escorts, 72 percent of the ladies are saying that they really appreciate men who deliver good oral. The number of men who insist on women to do them a blow job is even bigger, at about 85 percent.

If we look the study by country the Spanish are one of the most prone to go down and want the their partner to deliver good oral job. Eighty four percent of the Buckinghamshire escorts, who are from Spain or another Latin origin say that they enjoy blowjob, and love to deliver one too. The same apply for men, with just two percent less who are willing and enjoying to eat pussy. But one think not taken in to account is that men who are seeing Buckinghamshire escorts don’t really need to eat their pussy, they can just relax and enjoy the mind blowing job that these girls can do for them.

The men in France are considered to be expert lovers and sexual gurus, but in making or delivering oral sex they are being strongly outmatched by the French ladies who are more prone to do magic with their thongs. At Buckinghamshire Escorts we have had few French girls working and they are the most wanted suckers in this industry. The French girls who are also Buckinghamshire escorts like to suck men’s dicks much more than any other woman on earth, but also more than the men from the same country do oral.

Netherlands is not only the country where marijuana is being sold in public places and legal, but it is also the country where both men and women like to exchange oral sex in equal percentage never being unsatisfied from their relations. Apparently we don’t have any Dutch girls in our wide range of Buckinghamshire escorts, but we would love to add new additions from this country. So pretty Dutch girls, if you are reading this apply for a Buckinghamshire escorts job right now, we really, really want to see you.

The Big Question That The Clients Of Buckinghamshire Escorts Have.

The big question we have and all our clients of Buckinghamshire escorts are wondering probably how the Brits are doing in this poll and how willing and good we are in oral sex. The bad news is that we are not good at all in this little competition and it seems like all the Europeans are winning and overpassing us with a lot. Well this doesn’t really apply for British escorts who are working for us like Buckinghamshire escorts, as they are actually doing everything. But maybe that is the reason most of our ladies are Europeans as they are the most common and best in oral pleasures among Buckinghamshire escorts.

But like with everything else we Brits don’t need to win this competition as soon as we are satisfied by any other country that is ready to suck us off. Buckinghamshire escorts are girls collected from all over the world, but mostly Europeans and a couple of sexy British girls, who have amazing oral skills, believe me I say that from experience. At Buckinghamshire Escorts you could get some of the best escorts, sucking girls that will deliver a great mind blowing job and will leave you ask you for more. But on the other side our Buckinghamshire escorts will teach you how to go down on your partner and deliver satisfaction.

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